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Biointensive Strategy: an alternative significant-yield farming process devised by John Jeavons. Drawing on traditional Chinese methods, Steiner's biodynamic farming, and French Intense, the biointensive approach aims to mature soil rapidly, cut drinking water usage, and keep optimum foods output (the declare is usually that a hundred square feet can feed just one individual for your yr).

Fermentation: the enzyme-managed conversion of carbohydrates like grape sugar into hydrocarbons like alcohol.

Group Assortment: the controversial idea that rather than responding only to issues that presently deal with an organism, all-natural assortment encourages improvements which will ultimately benefit a bunch. This may lend evolution a ahead-searching or "teleological" potential most Darwinians reject.

Hardening Off: moving flats of sprouting seedlings outdoor into the shade just before last but not least planting them in the bottom. Requires about two months.

Hybrid: a cross among two genetically various mum or dad plants. Agribusiness businesses produce and promote hybrids that do not reproduce in an effort to retain a monopoly on seeds.

Conservation Tillage: any planting tactic that leaves 30% or even more on the soil included by plant residue or address crop while tilling as small as you possibly can to prevent destroying the soil construction.

Hydraulic Gradient: the slope down which underground h2o flows. It alters with modifications inside the water table.

Nonsymbiotic Mutualism: a partnership of relative independence, yet essential for both equally species, as with bees and apple trees.

Considered one of Malick's most resonant notions in Badlands is that everybody confronts mortality in her or his possess way.

Molecule: a gaggle of atoms bonded collectively. Chemistry may be the scientific examine of molecular reactions.

Elephants in China tend to be more commonly born tuskless, now, on account of strain from poaching. See Speciation for an example of a loved ones of Asian butterflies branching into different species today. Genetic mutations, that happen to be uncommon and usually destructive, Enjoy less of a task in evolution than Darwin considered, and cultural forces that reinforce collection for specified properties a bigger purpose.

Meals Web: the interconnection of all foods chains within click here an ecosystem. Food stuff World wide web diagrams emphasize the round complexity of feeding relationships.

Environmentally friendly Manure: a crop grown to become dug into soil needing nutrients. It is generally used in advance of the second crop (ordinarily a food items crop) grows to stop overheating it or depriving it of nutrients.

Ecotone: the transitial zone amongst adjacent biotic communities, generally with exceptional nutrients and ecological associations.

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